Dating at 50+ – How is It Different?

Many of the single women we work with are over 50 – and quite a few are over 60, or even over 70. So one thing we hear a lot is, “How do I date now?” In some ways, dating never changes. The desire to love and be loved – and the nervousness about possible rejection – may stay the same no matter what your age. But as you’ve aged, your relationship wants, needs and priorities have most likely changed – so your way of getting into a relationship needs to change, too.

Women often tell us, “I can’t just date the way I used to – meet someone cute, jump into bed, and then hope things will work out. I don’t have time to waste, and I’m not willing to risk that kind of heartbreak again.” Or some say, “My life used to bring me into contact with lots of women – but now I don’t know how I’d begin to meet someone to date. Most of the women my age are already coupled.”

Or, “Online dating intimidates me.” (Sometimes this is because there are just so many women online, it feels impersonal and overwhelming. Sometimes it’s about computer skills – or something else.)

We also hear, “I’m more set in my ways. I don’t even necessarily want to live with a partner again. Can I still find someone?”

And we hear, “My body is aging. Will someone still find me attractive? Will my health problems be too much for her to deal with?”

Or, “Sex isn’t so important for me any more. Will that be a problem?”

Or, “Sex is still very important to me. Will I be able to find someone in my age group who feels the same way?”

Or, “I’ve retired and want to travel now. How do I find someone who will have the desire and the means to do that with me?”

Or, “I’m retired and on a fixed income. Will someone still want me, even though I don’t have much money?”

These are all great questions – and if any of them resonate for you (no matter what your age!) we believe our approach to conscious dating and love will help you address them, date more comfortably, and find the love you really want. One of the best things about aging is the self-awareness that often comes with it! (You probably have a much better sense of who you are, what you want, and what matters to you now than you did when you were 25 or 35.)

We teach specific ways to bring that self-awareness into your dating life – so you can meet women in ways that make sense for you, communicate your current needs and relationship vision to them, and quickly recognize whether there’s compatibility – without risking your heart unwisely, or wasting your time. Conscious dating means you don’t just hold your nose, dive in and hope for the best. Rather, you let everything you’ve learned about yourself, and everything you most want, inform you!

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