Couples Breakthrough Coaching

Once upon a time, you looked at each other and felt like the luckiest women on earth! But over time, things have gotten harder…

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  • You love each other, but you just can’t seem to get along. You find yourself having the same fights over and over, or living with tension just under the surface.
  • Sometimes you even say things you know will hurt her – to get a rise out of her, or because you want her to feel the same hurt you’re feeling.
  • You find yourself feeling misunderstood, taken advantage of, or criticized.
  • You just don’t have much fun together any more. Maybe your sex life has suffered. Maybe you spend all your time doing chores and errands. Either way, it feels like the magic is gone…
  • There may have been a crisis – one of you had a crush on someone else, or even an affair. You’re not sure you trust each other.
  • You may feel like she’s pushing you away when you need more closeness – or like she’s clinging to you when you need more space. Why is love so hard?
  • You know you’re triggering each other, but you can’t seem to break the cycle.

If you can relate to any of the statements above – or you just know you’d like your love to be even stronger, happier and healthier than it already is…

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We can help. 

Coaching is different from therapy, in that it’s focused on helping you develop the specific skills you need. So it usually works much more quickly. 

Your coaching will be based on the skills you need, but here are the five main skill areas we find most couples need help with:

white couple wedding1. Communicating to Connect. We’ll teach you how to speak in ways your partner can hear, and listen to her in ways that help you stay close.

2. Healing Conflict. Once you learn our powerful SCORE Process, you won’t have to fight, or spend hours doing draining “processing” that never really gets anywhere. Amazing as it sounds, you’ll actually be able to use your conflicts as a way to connect more deeply!

3. Building Intimacy. You’re alive and growing, and your relationship needs to grow too. If you don’t deliberately build greater closeness, you’ll feel less connected over time. We’ll help you change that, so you can fall in love with each other all over again each day!

4. Zap the Intimacy-Killers. Most couples have habits that damage or even sabotage their closeness – and they don’t even know they’re doing it, or how to stop. We’ll teach you.

5. Keep Passion Alive. We’ll teach you our proven system for doing away with “lesbian bed death” and restores lesbian bed life instead!

All of these skills are learnable. Yet few of us have ever had a structured, supportive opportunity to learn and practice them!

It’s crazy, really. Intimate relationships are so important for our happiness, yet most of us have never taken a single course in how to communicate well, heal conflict, build intimacy or keep passion alive. It’s no wonder that many couples struggle. How were you supposed to learn these things, without being taught?

So if you’re having a hard time, it’s not your fault. And it can change. You can have the happy, healthy relationship you want. It just takes learning how.

Read some comments from our past clients:

We were on eggshells trying to stay in love but tip-toeing around topics, and constantly bickering. Things kept lyric and deegetting worse, and we were talking breakup. After your coaching, we finally had the talk we needed and we are doing better! You ladies had a lot to do with our progress and we thank you! – Lyric and Dee


We were committed to each other, but things weren’t going well. We saw ourselves repeating patterns we thought we’d gotten rid of, and didn’t know how to break them. We were so ready to be done with all that push-pull, blame, criticism stuff! But therapy was just keeping us trapped in our stories, so it didn’t really help. I’m so glad we found you. – Liza and Sue



We were really wondering if we should stay together. The differences seemed so huge, and we didn’t know how to bridge them. We just kept on misunderstanding each other, no matter how hard we tried! Things are so much better now. It’s amazing what a difference SCORE makes! I wish we’d found you sooner. – M.B. & Jo



Our apologies, we are not accepting new couples coaching clients.  You can still take our course “Lesbian Couples Communication Toolkit” which can include some coaching sessions.

Please note: In some cases, we have used stock photos to protect our clients’ confidentiality.

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