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What is "Love Coaching"?

"How can love coaching help you, whether single or coupled?"

Love Breakthrough Consultation            for Singles

In this introductory hour, we'll help you:

  1. Recognize what’s really keeping you from the love you want.
  2. Understand what true compatibility is for you, and clarify your relationship vision and priorities.
  3. Learn how to date wisely, with clarity and confidence.
  4. Get excited about the possibilities as you realize that you’re in charge of your relationship destiny.Identify your best next steps on the path to truly fulfilling love.
  5. Find out what kind of support we can offer that will help you find and create the relationship of your dreams.

For couples, please follow this link.

Our Breakthrough Session might be right for you if...

  1. You just had a bad breakup, and you don't know what went wrong.​
  2. You just had a bad breakup, and you know you don't want to make the same mistake again.
  3. You've been having trouble finding a partner, and don't know why.
  4. You've been around the dating block, and keep choosing the wrong women.

See what some of our clients have to say:

"This is wonderful, profound and life changing work, that has been broken down into easy bite size pieces."

"Ruth and Michelle manage to take really complex notions and make them simple and easily doable. And it works!…after doing the Roadmap I started having sane happy wonderful dating experiences instead of the crazy making dramas I'd been experiencing previously."

tara B.                  

"I had an introductory meeting with Michelle..."

"...to determine whether Conscious Girlfriend services would help me find mutually self-actualized love. Michelle was very professional and well prepared with a list of important questions and ideas to ponder. We zeroed in on some areas of focus. She helped me to identify the 12-week roadmap course as the best option for further relationship skills growth. I am already sold on the concepts of conscious relationships and I know the course is going to be an invaluable life changing experience. I'm also excited about becoming part of their inner community of gay women who are learning to practice these concepts. I wholeheartedly recommend this service to any lesbian who is committed to happier, healthier and more fulfilling relationships."

Christina X.                  

Therapy tends to focus on your feelings – while Love Breakthrough Coaching focuses on your skills. For that reason, it’s often a much more efficient way to get from wherever you are in your love life right now, to wherever you want to be! Coaching packages generally range from 8-16 sessions, depending on your needs.

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Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?

"Conscious Girlfriend is a wonderful service to the lesbian/queer community."

"They bring their professional skills and integrity to the task of helping you to find the love of your life and keep her. They offer skills and support for learning how to create a happy, healthy and lasting romantic relationship. I would recommend them very highly!"

Mindy R.                  

"I've been in an amazing relationship for just over a year & we are actually engaged to marry on July 1st..."

"... & I honestly have you to thank. I learned so much from you on not just settling on loving someone else but that I deserved love in return. I found someone who shared my common dreams for the future & even shares my faith. I've learned to voice when things make me unhappy in our relationship & my needs. I feel truly blessed & thankful that I went thru your counseling & recommend it to others I know. It's funny I see people doing things that I was just a few years ago and I want so badly to make them see how counterproductive it is to them.."

Joanne C.      

"Lisa and I are going strong...

"...into 8 months of building our conscious GF relationship. I LOVE the work you do. I feel like we are the "proof" it works.

Cheri R.                  

Are You Ready For A Breakthrough?