Skills-Based Coaching for Singles and Couples

Unlike most therapy, coaching works FAST to change your life by teaching you the skills you need.

Our skills-based approach puts the power in your hands.

We’ll give you the support, guidance, mentorship (and occasionally the compassionate a**-kicking) you need. If you’re seeking new love, Coach Michelle will walk you through the process of “fixing your picker” and becoming truly ready for the relationship you want. If you’re in a relationship that could use some help, you’ll learn powerful tools for connecting with yourself and your partner, communicating in healthy ways, and getting the magic back.

Think about athletic coaching. If you were a tennis player who wanted to improve your game, you might hire a coach to show you how to improve your moves on a level you’d never get just from reading a book. Love and relationship coaching works the same way. In just 8-16 weeks of hour-long sessions, your sense of what is possible for you will completely change.


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