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Does This Sound Like You?

You’re a woman who loves women, or wants to (whether you identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer or don’t like labels.) 

Even if your relationships have been hard in the past, deep down you still want healthy love, and you’re willing to learn and grow in order to make that possible. 

Even if you’ve sometimes wondered whether the right woman for you is out there, or whether you’re capable of a good relationship, your heart isn’t willing to give up.  You know love is your birthright. And you’re right.

But how do you get there? 

The Conscious Girlfriend Academy is our answer to that question. It’s the place to learn conscious lesbian dating, relationship & sexuality skills alongside other women on a similar growth journey.  

The Conscious Girlfriend Academy is for you if…

  • Your life is different right now due to the pandemic, and it gives you time and motivation to really figure out this love and dating thing. 
  • You’ve experienced the magic and thrill of falling in love, but also the pain of having it go bad – and you don’t want that kind of heartbreak again.
  • You don’t like the thought of being single forever, but you also don’t want to get into the wrong relationship ever again. 
  • You’ve asked yourself, “Why do relationships have to be so hard? Is there a better way?”
  • Or maybe you’re already with a woman you love, but your relationship is struggling… and you wonder how to get the trust, ease and magic back.

You’re In The Right Place! The Conscious Girlfriend Academy Can Help You:

  • Create community with growth-oriented women learning and sharing alongside you (and yes, maybe you’ll even meet someone special there…) 
  • Develop the confidence to initiate connection with a woman you feel drawn to — and the resilience not to take it personally if she says No. 
  • Understand what healthy dating really looks like between women, and how to avoid the dangerous “honeymoon vortex” that so often leads to disaster. 
  • Build your emotional intelligence and healthy communication skills.
  • Practice the five essential steps for turning conflict into connection in any relationship.
  • Get to have frank, clarifying conversations about chemistry, compatibility, sex and more.
  • Strengthen your self-compassion, which also helps you connect more easily with others.
  • Heal the push-pull patterns that destroy relationships…

And much more!

Conscious Girlfriend Academy Members Say:

"I was one of those women over 40 who doubted there was someone right for me at this age. I can now happily report that using the tools in your class out really did help me find the relationship of my dreams. Every day now, I share my life with this amazing woman who feels like just the right match."
Lucy, age 47
"I am loving every minute of the course. I literally yelled 'Thank you God!' I am so blessed to have found you and your work at this crucial point in my life. It has got to be divine intervention. I'm so freaking excited!!"
Liz, age 62
"Thank you again for the course -- it has been life-changing, and you can quote me on that! It helped me move from a stuck place to a place of hope and optimism. Your wisdom and experience served me well."
Kinna, age 52
"I love Conscious Girlfriend's work. Nan and I are going strong now after 3 years, and I feel like your courses and coaching are the reason why. We're proof that it works!"
Nan and Lisa, 60-somethings

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Watch a Free Video Class: Your Roadmap to the Love You Want in 2021! 🙂

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