The Art of Queer & Lesbian Love: A Life-Changing Retreat

lesbian relationship retreatWhat does it take to build a joyful, deeply intimate lesbian relationship? 

A relationship in which communication and affection flow easily… 

a relationship that “just works,” rather than feeling like hard work? 

We’d love to help you learn the answer to those questions!

We’re a happy long-term lesbian couple calling together a supportive community of lesbian and queer women… so you can learn how to find, create and sustain the kind of love you most want! For more information about us, click here.

And now, let’s talk about you.

Maybe you’re still healing from your last breakup… trying to understand what went wrong, and wanting to make sure it will never happen again.

Maybe you’re single, starting to date, and wondering how to find and build real connection.

Maybe you’re newly involved, and ready to lay a solid foundation for lasting love.

Or maybe you’re in an established couple with some struggles – some conflicts, fights, sore spots you’re not sure how to heal.

Maybe you’re wondering where the “magic” has gone – and how you can get it back.

Or maybe you’re in a solid partnership, but eager to take it deeper and develop even more intimacy – and maybe get married, too.

Wherever you are on your relationship journey… if you’re a woman-loving-woman who wants happier relationships, this retreat is for you!

When else will you have the chance to spend a weekend with a small, supportive group of lesbians and queer women devoted to learning to love ourselves and each other more fully and joyfully? With powerful exercises, discovery and transformation – plus amazing meals, views, trails to hike and a hot tub, too?

To our knowledge, this is the only retreat of its kind anywhere in the world!

 It’s thrilling that lesbians can now get married in so many U.S. states, as well as other countries. But now that we can marry, we face a new question: can we truly forge the kind of bond that will keep us happy together for a lifetime?  Early statistics on lesbian marriage show an alarmingly high divorce rate.

As a community, we need to turn this around!

Queer and lesbian relationships Happy Lesbian Relationships Start Here! can be glorious. Or, they can be hell. As women, we have the capacity for so much depth, intimacy and connection. But we also have the ability to bond with super-glue and then trigger the *@#! out of each other. Sometimes, we can travel from glory to hell in just a few minutes’ time – and then lose the breadcrumb trail back. Communication challenges, heartache, despair, drama… who hasn’t been there?

Sometimes it can feel tempting to just give up. Yet deep inside, you wonder, “Can it be different?”  

And the answer is…Yes, it can!

Deep, intimate, connected, joyful lasting queer and lesbian love is absolutely possible. But both Michelle and I had to get there the hard way.  Everything we know, practice and teach, we learned through long trial and error. That’s why we’re so dedicated to making it easier for you.

None of us grew up with models for healthy, happy queer or lesbian love. And many of us have endured rejection, discrimination or abuse. It’s no wonder we haven’t always known how to create the relationships we want.

Maybe you’re afraid that you’re “broken” – that you just don’t have what it takes? We understand. Michelle’s first long-term relationship was abusive. We’re both survivors of childhood trauma. But because we learned to be Conscious Girlfriends, we’ve had an utterly amazing, deep, rich relationship for eight years now!

If we can do it, so can you.DSC_0083

Maybe you’ve already been through years of therapy – or you’ve read a ton of self-help books – or you’ve spent endless hours on online dating sites, or meeting women with whom you didn’t “click.”

Maybe you’ve come out recently and you can’t seem to find your way “in” – to the relationship you’re finally ready to have.

Maybe you’ve had your heart shattered – by a long-term partnership that ended abruptly, or several intense, heartbreaking breakups in a row.

Maybe you’ve found yourself repeating the same excruciating patterns again and again – like falling in love with women who really aren’t available.

Or you’ve struggled with losing yourself in your relationships – and realized you had to get out to save your own life.

Maybe you’ve even thought, “If this is love, I’ll have to live without.”

(Or maybe you’re way past ready for your next love – and chomping at the bit to meet her right now!)

She's doing her lesbian relationships homework...Wherever you are on your relationship journey, we created this retreat for you.  We really believe nothing else can compare with the power of spending a whole weekend outside of your daily life… receiving hands-on support both from us, and from a whole circle of like-minded women.

It takes a village!

Imagine getting to explore what you most want from love… in an environment that feels totally safe, accepting, compassionate and nourishing.

Learning powerful ways to heal the past, release your blocks to intimacy, and fall in love with yourself.

Becoming ready – truly ready – to create the kind of intimate relationship you’ve always wanted… and starting by creating it with yourself.

(The funny thincropped buy buttong is, that’s how it works. When we let go of our desire for relationship, and truly embrace ourselves… we actually ready ourselves for the relationships in which we can fully come home, fully be ourselves, love and be loved. So whether you know you want another relationship, or not, we warmly encourage you to attend!)

$697 registration. $1250 for two people.

Need a payment plan? Just ask!

Registration fee includes Friday dinner through Sunday lunch and lodging in shared rooms. Add $60 for a single room; commuters subtract $170. Add $25 for 16 CEUs for California-licensed MFTs or LCSWs.

At the Art of Love retreat, you’ll learn how toLesbian relationships can be so beautiful...:

  • Cultivate self-love, self-awareness and self-responsibility.
  • Learn the five steps that keep relationships joyful and connected. 
  • Release past relationships with understanding and self-forgiveness.
  • Identify and shift the false beliefs that block you from love.
  • Heal triggers and patterns that sabotage connection.
  • Maintain both deep connection and lasting passion.
  • Develop a clear picture of the relationship of your dreams – and leave ready and empowered to create it!

Plus, you’ll enjoy gorgeous views, soak in the hot tub, roam the hills, eat delicious, fresh, organic food, and lots of time to get to know your Conscious Girlfriend tribe!

      canstockphoto14095151Praise for Ruth’s previous retreats:

An amazing experience with amazing people. I was blessed to be involved. Thank you to everyone for sharing your journeys. – Jaime E.

An absolutely fantastic experience. Profound loving and compassionate content! Great people and Ruth’s from-the-heart guidance made this workshop a fabulous one! – Frances P.

Authentic, healing, educational, compassionate, creative, multi-dimensional, precise yet open to everyone’s unique experience… Ruth brings a calm listening groundedness and strength that allowed me to feel very comfortable. Everyone’s experiences were honored and respected. I left the workshops with techniques I will be able to use and expand upon… I am so happy that I attended! – Chrys N.guarantee

And if you’re still on the fence… check out our guarantee!

Yes, we guarantee that if you attend and participate in the Art of Happy Lesbian/Queer Relationships Retreat, you will leave with:

  • More self-love, self-forgiveness and self-compassion.
  • A clearer sense of why and how your last relationship(s) went wrong – or where your current relationship may be endangered – and how to heal those issues.

A powerful new set of skills for navigating the challenges of intimate relationships – plus a sense of excitement and empowerment around your relationship journey!

cropped buy buttonWe are so confident you’ll experience these shifts… that if you don’t, we will refund every cent of tuition you paid us!

We can’t wait to help you open your life back up to love.  Not the painful, confusing, up-and-down drama or frustrating series of disappointments you may have experienced in the past — but real, deep, sustainable, soul-nourishing love and intimacy with a woman who can be your best friend, your playmate, your soulmate, and your life companion.

There's no age limit for happy lesbian relationships.A special note to women over 60:

Sometimes as we age, we think, “It’s too late for me.” “All the good ones are taken.” “I’m not ____ enough any more to find love.” “I’m too old and set in my ways.” None of these statements is true! 

We are actually much better-equipped to love as we age — since we’ve got so many more decades of wisdom, self-knowledge and experience (as long as we learn to honor, treasure and make use of it!)

Wherever you are on life’s journey, whatever your “age number” is, it’s not too late. As long as you have the willingness to learn new skills, and to open to new levels of self-love, the best is yet to come!

And to women under 30:Happy lesbian relationships are available for younger women too!

If you learn Conscious Girlfriend skills early in your relationship life, you’ve got a whole lot more time left in which to have relationships that really work!  Just as it’s never too late, it’s also never too early to gain these life-changing skills. We’ll teach you what we wish we had learned decades ago.

And to everyone, of all ages:

We can’t wait to spend the weekend with you, exploring the art of happy queer and lesbian love!

Space is limited.cropped buy button 

Avoid disappointment – sign up today!


In love,We're all about joyful lesbian relationships.

Ruth & Michelle

 P.S.  Remember, we’re so sure that this retreat will help you to create a new level of love, connection and intimacy in your life… that if it doesn’t, we’ll refund every cent of your tuition!  And if you have any questions about whether the retreat is right for you, just give us a call, 707-473-0557. We look forward to chatting with you!