Isn’t It Time to Take Charge of Your Relationship Destiny?

take charge graphicAdmit it. You’re ready for a change.

A big change.

A change that will lead to the love you want!

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, we can help!


For Single Women:

Maybe you’re still healing from your last breakup. You’re not ready to love again, yet. But you want to get there someday!

Or maybe you are ready, but you don’t know how to meet the right woman. You’re determined not to make the same mistakes you’ve made in the past – but you’re not sure how to avoid them.

You’re scared to “put yourself out there” and try online dating – or in-person dating, for that matter. Scared of getting hurt. Rejected. Getting swept off your feet – then getting your heart broken again.

You need guidance to help you prepare for love, date wisely, and then build a strong foundation for a lasting relationship.

You need some Free Help For Your Heart! 

We normally charge $150 for an initial coaching session. But right now, we’re making Take Charge Breakthrough Sessions available for free – to help you Take Charge of Your Relationship Destiny!

In our free 50-60 minute call, we’ll:

1. Identify what stands between you and the love life you want…

2. Clarify the steps you need to take to Take Charge of Your Relationship Destiny…

3. Leave you knowing exactly what to do to make it happen!

Are you ready to take action toward healing your heart, finding love and making it last?


For Women in Relationships:

You love each other – but maybe you’re in a rough patch. You can’t stop fighting. Communication is tough. Sex is tough. It hurts.

Or maybe your connection is pretty good, but not great. Sometimes it feels more like you’re roommates than lovers these days. What happened to that spark – and how can you get it back?

Like all couples, you’ve got stresses. Money, kids, illnesses, jobs, and other responsibilities take their toll. How can you face life’s challenges together, and keep growing closer even as you tackle them?

You need guidance to help you manage your conflicts, appreciate each other more deeply, and fall in love all over again.

You need some Free Help for Your Heart.

Again, we normally charge $150 for an initial coaching session – but we’re making a limited number of Take Charge Breakthrough sessions available free. Does one of them have your name on it? Are you ready?



What’s the catch?

take charge making big life changeThese sessions are only for women who are truly ready to make changes.

If you’re still in denial, “It’ll get better on its own,” “I’ll figure it out someday” mode, we wish you the best!

If you’re thinking, “Well, maybe I’ll  just give up,” we can’t make you change your mind.

If you just want to vent and complain – there are plenty of other places for you to do that.

But if you know you want real, fulfilling, lasting love…

and you’re motivated to do the work of creating and nurturing it…

If you’re ready for some expert, compassionate guidance from women who’ve been where you are…

Who’ve created the kind of joyful, deeply intimate relationship you want,

and created a system to help you get there….

And you’re ready to invest 50 minutes of your time, heart, brain and soul in Taking Charge of Your Relationship Destiny…

Then click here to apply for some free Help for Your Heart!


We look forward to helping you create the love of your dreams.

take charge we can do itIn love,

Ruth & Michelle