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Are you happy – truly happy – with your love life?  

If your answer is No, or even I’m not sure

then please keep reading! 

Maybe you’re still hurting from a breakup, and trying to understand what went wrong – and whether, or how, you’ll ever find love again.

Maybe you’re single and not sure how to go about finding women you really want to date – or how to date in ways that lead to a happy, healthy, lasting relationship.

Maybe you’re in love, but fighting, or just not feeling close any more. You might be feeling hurt and misunderstood, angry or even hopeless.

Or maybe you’re in a relationship that’s doing okay… yet deep in your heart, you know it could be even better. You could be even closer and more connected. And you want that.

Wherever you are on your personal love journey, if there’s something you want to change, deepen or improve… we can help!

We know the terrain. We’ve been in all of the places described above, and more. We went through awkward dates, loneliness, painful relationships, confusion and fear — and now we’re in an incredible marriage that gets better every day!

Along the way, we also became lesbian dating and love experts. We don’t just draw from our own experience – we’ve studied with the best relationship coaches in the world.

And since we founded Conscious Girlfriend, we’ve had the pleasure and privilege of helping thousands of women find and create lasting love. We can help you, too. 

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Yes, we really can help you create the love you dream of. 

No matter what’s happened in the past – or how bad things feel right now.

Joyful, fulfilling love is possible for you… it just takes learning how!